BMW 530 non start fault

A BMW 530 arrived at our workshop on the back of a recovery vehicle recently and we were asked to investigate a non-start fault.

The engine would crank but refused to start. I began by running a diagnostic check of the DDE module. Amongst numerous error codes was 4A63 [EWS tampering] . This was not the first time i had encountered this fault, so i was confident this was the cause of the problem.

This code indicates a synchronisation fault between the CAS [car access system] and the DDE [digital diesel electronics]. A quick look at the DDE synchronisation status confirmed my suspicions.

Rectification requires realignment of the DDE and CAS modules using the Autologic diagnostic tool. Once carried out the engine running order was restored.

Upon collection of the vehicle the owner informed me that the car had been dormant for some weeks and the battery had discharged. He recharged the battery but the car would not start.