2005 Peugeot 307 Diesel – Loss of Power

2005 Peugeot 307 Diesel Turbo Wastegate Position Sensor

I was recently asked to investigate an intermittent loss of power on a 2005 Peugeot 307 diesel accompanied by MIL illumination. This was a new customer so there was the potential that the vehicle had possibly been looked at elsewhere, it is not unusual for us to be asked to look at vehicles that have visited numerous garages first. Upon driving the car into the workshop I noticed the engine malfunction light was illuminated and that there appeared to be a lack of boost pressure. A visual inspection in and around the engine bay confirmed my suspicions as I noticed numerous new parts had been recently installed. I began with a diagnostic check using our Peugeot Planet diagnostic tool which …

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Ford Mondeo 2012 2.0 TDCI DPF Fault

Mondeo Fuel Vaporizer

A 2012 Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCI recently entered our workshop with an engine malfunction warning lamp illuminated. After an initial diagnostic check we retrieved an error code: P244C this relates to DPF bank 1 – Exhaust temperature too low for regeneration, and after reading the soot accumulation figure within the DPF (which was excessive) it indicated that regeneration was not being enabled. To enable regeneration the DPF temperature must be raised significantly (approx. 600°C) to achieve this manufacturers employ a number of methods. This particular system utilizes a fuel vaporizer (see photo). This device is located in the exhaust system upstream of the DPF. Its function is to inject diesel directly into the DPF when requested to raise the temperature and …

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Hyundai santa fe (2010) abs fault

4x4 module

I was recently asked to look at a Hyundai santa fe displaying an abs fault, the customer reported abs +esp warning lamps on with pre-heat lamp flashing also. Upon reading the error codes in abs and engine management modules one code was retrieved from each, abs module displayed C1702 (variant coding error)and engine management P1593 (four wheel drive recognition) It appeared that the two modules concerned were unable to establish variant of vehicle i.e. two wheel drive or four wheel drive upon initialisation, in the case of the pcm this is achieved by the grounding of pin 65 on the module and communication with the transfer case module. I had noticed earlier that the differential lock warning lamp was inoperative …

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