Mini 2002 srs fault


A customer booked in her mini for mot, the lady had not used our services before and  informed me that the airbag light was illuminated and had being for the past two years or so.  Which begs the question how it had passed previous mot examinations. (Section 5.4  reason for rejection  “a srs malfunction indicator lamp indicating a system malfunction” The lady was recommended to us after numerous other garage failures to rectify the fault. First step was to carry out a diagnostic check.  I connected our autologic diagnostic platform which quickly indicated a comms problem. Before the srs fault could be found i had to establish communications with the srs module. Firstly I checked the system fuse  (fuse 18 …

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Rover 75 cdti 2001

Rover 75 Fault

An interesting case was referred to us recently. A Rover 75 Diesel with numerous electrical faults, namely an ABS light on, DSC light on, Speedo inop, tachometer inop, temp gauge inop and auto transmission emergency programme activated. We started with a global ECU test using our DEC Super-scan Diagnostics tool. Test results revealed no communication with the ABS and instrument cluster and C.A.N faults in PCM and transmission module. The next step was to carry out C.A.N Bus analysis which highlighted voltage out of range CAN high. At this point further checks were required to determine the cause. Considering the age of the vehicle, the customer was contacted and informed of the process to date. Having given his permission to …

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